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wife, a sl●atternly white woman of French

par●entage.In the windowless upper story we▓re a score of foul nests that ra●nked as beds.The one to which I was assigned w●as a broken-backed cot.After ▓a vain attempt to sleep, doub▓led up like a pocketknife, amid th▓e uproar of my roommates, who wer▓e snoring in several languages, I crept ▓down stairs to borrow a plank from the kitchen w▓ood-pile, and propping up t

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ve passed, for I w▓as in deep slumber and n

ot even the house c●at was stirring, when the cot, mat▓tress, bedding, and prop cam●e down with a crash that certainly awakened ▓the policeman in the next block, an●d left me entangled in a Gordian kno▓t of sheets and counterpanes o▓f the width of a ship’s hawser.I sle●pt on the floor during the rest of m●y stay with Portuguese Pete. ▓ There was one advantage—and

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Asile● to this new lodging.The habits of Pe

te and hi▓s spouse were by no means as aus▓tere as those of the monks who t▓urned us out into the cold, grey dawn.The m▓eals we were to pay so dearl▓y for, 92when we shipped, were on a▓ par with the sleeping accommodations.●Each morning, after taking turns in pounding o▓n the proprietor’s door for an hour or● two, we usually succeeded in inducing his ▓consort to desc

This is Just Going To Be Another Test Post

to serve us each a ▓cup of tepid water with

a smell of c●hickory about it, and a wedge of bread.At noo▓n and night we did duty alternately b▓efore the black, smoky fire-place, in ▓assisting Madame Pete to prepare the soup and m▓acaroni that were served in pain●fully meager quantities with bread and bra●ckish wine.Like the pupils of S▓queers, we dared not ask for more, lest we● call down upon our heads the might